Ebook Questions
App Questions

Ebook Questions

When will I get a download link?

When you complete the checkout process, there should be a link on the “thank you” page. In addition, you should get an email shortly with the link. However, if you paid with eCheck from PayPal, that has to clear before the link will be sent to you. Please check your PayPal account to make sure the transaction was completed.

My link expired! How can it expire and what can I do?

Download links expire in 5 days or 5 attempts, whichever comes first. Once you’ve downloaded the file, be sure to save it somewhere on your hard drive for future reference/printing. I can reactivate your link – please contact me with your order number.

The ebook won’t print!

The best program to open the file with is Adobe Reader. Adobe is a reputable company. You can get the free Adobe Reader by clicking here. Some people experience problems printing when using the Reader that comes with Windows 8 and Adobe Reader has been successful in those cases.

Can I edit the ebook?

The ebook is a basic .pdf file and is not editable. If you have an Android or iOS device, you might want to try the app – it allows for many customizations!

App Questions

App Support

For iOS and Android App support contact me. It is also helpful to send the contact email from within the app. Touch the gear icon in the lower right corner and scroll to Contact Us. Touch it and an email will be generated. You can add a message and then touch Send. I try to respond to all issues within one business day.

What are the differences between the Lite and full versions of the app?

The Lite version lets you try out all the features (except syncing) of the full version but is limited to a two week set of sample tasks and will only let you add 5 custom tasks. The full version gives you the ability to add unlimited custom tasks. The app comes with two months of tasks and server access, with the ability to add more months (or a year) as an in-app purchase. The full version also allows you to sync between devices cross-platform (Android and iOS).

Can I print from the app?

We have added a print/email function to the iOS app. To use it, look to the left of the Edit button in the upper right area of the screen. There is a box with an arrow coming out of it – touch it. It will give you the option to print or email a day’s tasks. The print option requires an AirPrint printer. If you don’t have one, you can email the tasks to yourself and print the email.

Android users: You can email your list, look for that same button between Sort by and Edit. Print the email if you want a printed list.

Can I sync between devices?

We now have syncing for both iOS and Android! Account registration is required. Once your account is created/registered, you can log into that account on the app in iOS and Android devices. This allows you to share the list with your household members – all edits/checked off tasks/etc will be shared. Once you have the app, you can renew your subscription and it applies to your account across your devices.

How do I add a custom task to the app?

To add a custom task to the app, touch the + sign in the upper left. You can then add the Task Name, Due Date, and Repeat Interval as well as assign the task to a person and set a room. Touch Save. Note about the date: To set a date for next year, you will need to select the year first and then select the month and day.

Can I change the task name or repeat interval on a preplanned task?

Because of the way the app is programmed, the preplanned tasks are not editable. One workaround is to hide the task and then create a new one of the same name and set the repeat interval/day as desired – users have told us this is a quick process.

How do I color code tasks in the app?

The colors are connected to people assignments. So if you assign a task to a person, you can also set a color for that person and all their tasks will be that color. The color can be assigned if you go to Setup (lower right hand corner) then People – you can then touch the arrow next to a person’s name and there is a Set Color button and you touch it to select a color. Also, when you are assigning a task and adding a person for the first time you can set the color then. Additionally, you will need to make sure Color Assignments is set to ON in the Setup.

My task list is blank in the app, what do I do?

If your task list is blank, you may not be logged in to your account. Touch the gear icon (lower right corner) to get to the Settings, then Account. There should be an option to log in. If you are still having problems, please use the Contact Us button found at the bottom of the Settings page or use the Contact Us form here on the website.

We strongly recommend creating an account in the app. We never sell or share your information, we only use it to keep up with your data in case you have to reset or replace your device. It also allows us to help you when you are having problems with the app.

My subscription goes into next year, but my data ends at December 31st. Why?

This just means we haven’t uploaded tasks for next year yet. Every year we fine tune the tasks and once they are ready, they will be uploaded to the server.

Why does the app only come with two months?

That is a great question, we would love to explain! We used to create a new app every year, similar to how we create a new ebook every year. We have moved to a subscription model with the new app. We have added the ability to sync between devices (our most-requested feature) and that required us to set up a server to handle your data. In the past, people have hesitated to spend $7.99 on an app they aren’t sure they will like, so we decided to make the initial app purchase $1.99 with two months of tasks and server access included. This allows you to try out the full version at a lower price. Then if you like it, you can purchase additional months as an in-app purchase, either one month for 99¢ or a year of data at $7.99 – still only pennies per day. Then next year, when your subscription runs out, you will just need to renew, not buy a new app.

The new app also allows all your customizations to be stored on the server, so if your device has to be reset or replaced, you only need to install the app and log in to your existing account – your data won’t be lost.

Be sure to contact us if you have any other questions about the app!

Why do you charge so much for the app subscription?

We have worked to keep the price of the app data similar to the ebooks, about $8 per year. We have moved our apps to having server backup (this allows for sync between devices) but have not raised the price even though we now pay for the server.

We realize it is a more expensive app, but we like to think of it as $7.99 for a year of preplanned tasks, which breaks down to just over 2 cents per day.