momobothNow available for iPhone/iPad/iPod touch is the NEW app version of the popular e-book that thousands use each year to manage their homes and contains the same tasks as the printable version. With the iOS app you get 2 months of preprogrammed tasks and may purchase additional months via in-app purchase (99¢ for one month or $7.99 for one year). New feature for iOS is the ability to sync between your iOS devices!

Motivated Moms 2014 and new Lite edition {Android} now available at Google Play and Amazon Appstore! 2014 runs from October 2013 to December 2014. Android version now allows you to send a day’s tasks via email!

Key features:

  • All tasks in the average home are planned out for you throughout the year
  • Ability to add unlimited custom tasks
  • Check off chores as they are done and they drop to the bottom of the list out of your way
  • No major cleaning days or Spring Cleaning week, do just a little all year around
  • Daily items and those that come up less frequently are scheduled for you
  • No need to remember when you last changed the a/c filter or dusted the living room – just do the tasks as they come up; the app keeps track for you.
  • Tasks can be assigned to people and rooms and sorted accordingly
  • In the iOS version, you can sync between your iOS devices
  • Both versions now allow you to send a day’s tasks via email, and iOS allows printing directly from the app.

You can move items to other days if there is a conflict. The application also gives you the ability to “hide” items that don’t apply. Don’t have a pet? Just hide the “Feed Pets” chore, then “unhide” it later if you get a pet part of the way through the year.

Want to be reminded to read your Bible each day? Motivated Moms will help you read through the Bible in a year. Don’t need the bible reading plan? There is a setting to turn off the scheduled Bible readings so you won’t see them in your list.